The key to getting the SILO content architecture help you rank lies in your keyword research, the search terms that are targeted to your content and how well you organize your content based on the above factors. The implementation part of this exercise is technical for which you will need to code or have an expert do it. Different people approach Content Architecture and SILOing in different ways. And eventually some experts may disagree with the SILOing concept at certain points, it is nonetheless important to deploy this technique.

Implementing SILO Content Architecture in WordPress—II

The concept of SILO content organization rests on arranging content hierarchically. In order to build tightly organized SILOs it is important to make sure that the search engine bots are sent a consistent signal instead of mixed signals about the organization of content. And depending on the depth, precision and perfection that you want to get into, it can be quite a task.

If you want better ranks, search visibility, organic traffic…Content-architecture is the way to go. Good, well-organized content actually goes beyond the task of keyword matching and actually gives a site the semantic context to rank against. This increases site’s (and pages’) relevancy for that context or the theme to help create better SEO ranks. SILO content architecture done right will skyrocket your search ranking!